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Lluis Benejam i Vidal, articles internacionals


Assessing effects of change in land use on size-related variables of fish in subtropical streams. 2015. Lluís Benejam, Franco Teixeira-de Mello, Mariana Meerhoff, Marcelo Loureiro, Erik Jeppesen, and Sandra Brucet. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. in press

Fish as ecological indicators in Mediterranean streams: the Catalan experience. 2015. in Munné A., Ginebreda A. & Prat N. (eds.) Experiences from Surface Water Quality Monitoring: The EU Water Framework Directive Implementation in the Catalan River Basin District (Part I). Benejam L., Ordeix M., Casals F., Caiola N., Sostoa A. de, Solà C., Munné A. 2015. Springer International Publishing, Switzerland. in press

Fish-based indices in Catalan Rivers: intercalibration and comparison of approaches. 2015. in Munné A., Ginebreda A. & Prat N. (eds.) Experiences from Surface Water Quality Monitoring: The EU Water Framework Directive Implementation in the Catalan River Basin District (Part I). García-Berthou E., Bae M.-J., Benejam L., Alcaraz C., Casals F., Sostoa A. de, Solà C., Munné A. Springer International Publishing, Switzerland. in press

Could electric fish barriers help to manage native populations of European crayfish threatened by crayfish plague (Aphanomyces astaci)?. 2015. Lluís Benejam, Sandra Saura-Mas, Joan Montserrat, Fina Torres, Miquel Macies. Management of Biological Invasions. Volume 6, Issue 3: 307. (pdf)

Density-dependent effects as key drivers of intraspecific size structure of six abundant fish species in lakes across Europe. 2015. Ignasi Arranz, Thomas Mehner, Lluís Benejam, Christine Argillier, Kerstin Holmgren, Erik Jeppesen, Torben L. Lauridsen, Pietro Volta, Ian J. Winfield, and Sandra Brucet. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, 10.1139/cjfas-2014-0508. (pdf)

Organochlorine compounds in European catfish (Silurus glanis) living in river areas under the influence of a chlor-alkali plant (Ebro River basin). David Huertas, Joan O Grimalt, Josep Benito, Lluís Benejam, Emili García-Berthou. Science of the Total Environment. (pdf)

Diel cycle and effects of water flow on activity and use of depth by common carp. 2014. Josep Benito, Lluís Benejam, Lluís Zamora, Emili García-Berthou. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 144(3): 491-501. (pdf)

Ecological impacts of small hydropower plants on headwater stream fish: from individual to community effects. 2014. Benejam L., Saura-Mas S., Bardina M., Solà C., Munné A. & García-Berthou E. Ecology of Freshwater Fish. (pdf)

Small weirs, big effects: disruption of water temperature regimes with hydrological alteration in a Mediterranean stream. 2014. Bae M.J., Merciai R., Benejam L., Sabater S. & García-Berthou E. River Research and Applications. (pdf)

Fish diversity in European lakes: geographical predictors dominate over anthropogenic pressures. 2013. Freshwater Biology 58, 1779–1793. Brucet, S., S. Pédron, T. Mehner, T. L. Lauridsen, C. Argillier, I. J. Winfield, P. Volta, M. Emmrich, T. Hesthagen, K. Holmgren, L. Benejam, F. Kelly, T. Krause, A. Palm, M. Rask, & E. Jeppesen. (pdf)

Fish catchability and comparison of four electrofishing crews in Mediterranean streams. 2012. Fisheries Research 123-124: 9-15. Benejam L., Alcaraz C., Benito J., Caiola N., Casals F., Maceda-Veigad A., Sostoa A., García-Berthou E. (pdf)

First record of the spiny-cheek crayfish Orconectes limosus (Rafinesque, 1817) introduced to the Iberian Peninsula. 2011. Aquatic Invasions 6: S111–S113. Benejam L., Saura-Mas S., Saperas A. (pdf)

Assessing effects of water abstraction on fish assemblages in Mediterranean streams. 2010. Freshwater Biology 55: 628-642. Benejam L., Angermeier P.L., Munné, A., García-Berthou E. (pdf)

Decrease of condition and fecundity of freshwater fish in a highly polluted reservoir. 2010. Water, Air, & Soil Pollution 210: 231–242. Benejam L., Benito J., García-Berthou E. (pdf)

Response of community structure to sustained drought in Mediterranean rivers. 2010. Journal of Hydrology 383: 135–146. Boix D., García-Berthou E., Gascón S., Benejam L., Tornés E., Sala J., Benito J., Munné A., Solà C., Sabater S. (pdf)

Integrated biological and chemical analysis of organochlorine compound pollution and of its biological effects in a riverine system downstream the discharge point. 2010. Science of the Total Environment. Olivares A, Quirós L, Pelayo S, Navarro A, Bosch C, Grimalt JO, Fabregat MD, Faria M, Benejam L, Benito J, Solé M, Barata C, Piña B.

Prevalence and sequence comparison of Phyllodistomum folium from zebra mussel and from freshwater fish in the Ebro River. 2010. Parasitology international 60:59-63 Peribáñez MA, Ordovás L, Benito J, Benejam L, Gracia MJ, Rodellar C. (pdf)

Life history and parasites of an invasive fish (Gambusia holbrooki) along a latitudinal gradient. 2009. Biological Invasions. Benejam Ll., Alcaraz C., Sasal P., Simon-Levert G. & García-Berthou E. (pdf)

Ecological classification of a set of Mediterranean reservoirs applying the EU Water Framework Directive: a reasonable compromise between science and management. 2009. Lake and Reservoir Management. Navarro E., Caputo L., Marcé R., Carol J., Benejam L., Armengol J. & García-Berthou E. (pdf)

Physiological responses to mercury in feral carp populations inhabiting the low Ebro River (NE Spain), a historically contaminated site. 2009. Aquatic Toxicology. Navarro A., Quirós L., Casado M., Faria M., Carrasco L., Benejam Ll., Benito J., Díez S., Raldúa D., Barata C., Bayona J.M. & Piña B.

Growth and diet of European cafish (Silurus glanis) in early and late invasion stages. 2009. Fundamental and Applied Limnology. Carol J., Benejam L., Benito J. & García-Berthou E. (pdf)

Microhabitat use by foraging white-clawed crayfish (Austropotamobius pallipes) in stream pools in NE Iberian Peninsula. 2008. Ecological Research. Clavero M., Benejam Ll. & Seglar A. (pdf)

Assessing fish metrics and biotic indices in a Mediterranean stream: effects of uncertain native status of fish. 2008. Hydrobiologia. Benejam Ll., Aparicio E., Vargas M.J., Vila-Gispert A. & García-Berthou E. (pdf)

Short-term effects of a partial drawdown on fish condition in a eutrophic reservoir. 2008. Water, Air, & Soil Pollution. Benejam Ll., Benito J., Ordóñez J., Armengol J. & García-Berthou E. (pdf)

On the spread of the European catfish (Silurus glanis) in the Iberian Peninsula: first record in the Llobregat river basin. 2007. Limnetica. Benejam Ll., Benito J., Carol J. & García-Berthou E. (pdf)

The effects of limnological features on fish assemblages in fourteen Spanish reservoirs. 2006. Ecology of Freshwater Fish. Carol J., Benejam Ll., Alcaraz C., Vila-Gispert A., Zamora L., Navarro E., Armengol J. & García-Berthou E (pdf)

Firstrecord of the common bream (Abramis brama) introduced to the Iberian Peninsula. 2005. Limnetica. Benejam Ll., Carol J., Alcaraz C. & García-Berthou E. (pdf)