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We undertake our work within the scientific field known as Conservation Biology. The service we provide is a highly rigorous, numeric and scientifically tested project to study the problems of conservation of species and habitats (terrestrial and aquatic) as well as looking for possible solutions related to steps to be taken to ensure their survival. We apply a series of methodologies (statistics, sampling, conceptual framework of the problem...) undertaken from the universities in terrestrial and aquatic ecology, in order to obtain more accurate results that will help improve the management of species and habitats.

  • Biodiversity
  • Assessment of state of conservation
  • Invasive species
  • Assessment / Advising
  • Restoration
  • Providing information for conservation


Being aware of the biodiversity of a natural system or specific territory is often a first step in being able to correctly manage and plan an area, as well as being able to assess its ecological and natural importance. For this reason, at CEBCAT we provide different services:

  1. We carry out inventories of flora and fauna, in both terrestrial and freshwater systems.
  2. We produce studies to discover the biodiversity in different natural systems.

Assessment of the state of conservation

As well as discovering the presence of certain species, it is very important to know what state of conservation they are in. For this reason at CEBCAT we undertake:

  1. Assessment of the state of conservation of populations of flora and fauna.
  2. Monitoring of populations of flora and fauna to follow their evolution over time. In the case of freshwater systems, these monitoring tasks are carried out according to the guidelines of the Water Framework Directive.
  3. Studies to discover the causes of regression of species of flora and fauna and to prepare proposals and actions for their recovery.


Together with our external collaborators, the majority of them from the academic world and specialists in different disciplines, we assess the heads of natural spaces in order to clear up doubts and to be able to take decisions about the management of the species and the territory.

Invasive species

The invasive species of flora and fauna, in both aquatic and terrestrial systems, are becoming one of the main problems for the conservation of biodiversity around the world. For this reason at CEBCAT we provide different services in order to minimise their effects:

  1. Studies to discover the impact of the invasive species on the native ecosystems and species.
  2. Preparation of programmes to assess and eradicate invasive species.


Some parts of the territory have been left maltreated by old industrial activity, urban development or infrastructures that are no longer in use. For this reason at CEBCAT we carry out projects with proposals for the restoration of natural spaces so that they may recover their natural conditions and be able to accommodate the species that would correspond to them.

Providing information for conservation

In order to conserve species and natural spaces, it is often necessary to publicise their value and importance. For this reason at CEBCAT we provide the possibility of organising conferences as well as publishing informative material. In all cases the balance is maintained between scientific rigour and the didactical approach necessary to ensure the information about conservation biology is accessible to different audiences.